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Day 53: 3 ways to make your own impact as a blogger

Thu, Sep 14, 2017 | Read in 3 minutes

One question. What do I write when everything else has already been written?

I see this inquiry pop up here and there on blogs and the number one response I often find is to “write still because not everyone shares similar opinions and methods for writing.” Pretty solid answer. But if you really want to make an impact, would it suffice to just write about something that’s already out there and probably written better than you could?

First off, don’t underestimate yourself. If you have something to write, you have something to write. Period. There’s no question who’s better. There’s only you and your words. Second, start writing now. You’ll thank yourself later.

That said, you can avoid sounding redundant by applying context, tone, and effort.


One way to differentiate yourself from the other humans on the blog-o-sphere is to provide context. Context asks the question: how relevant is your piece to the current events that are happening around your topic? You don’t always need to be “in” with the trends. But you do share the responsibility of writing topics relevant to today’s state. For instance, if you write about travel and you don’t know that a typhoon has just hit the place you were going to write about and the same typhoon destroyed hundreds of lives and infrastructure, it would seem insensitive and outdated to talk about the tourist spots when they’ve all been effectively washed out now. (I know, it’s kind of morbid–it’s been raining lately in my place, hence the example. But you totally get the point, though.)


Tone is something that’s almost unique to every writer. Sure, you might find others who sound almost similar to you and we do get influenced by the stuff we read. But, in the long run, you’ll find the voice that you’re comfortable with. Humor doesn’t always need to be there. Though a lot of people read for entertainment, there are still some who prefer a serious tone with a dash of flirtation. Just kidding. Everybody loves a little bit of humor! But don’t feel screwed just because you think you don’t have it, though. Eventually, you’ll find your inner funny. Anyway, your tone sets your story and, eventually, it will also set you apart from all the other creatives out there.


You know what they say, right? When you’re on a date with a not-so-attractive person, the only thing that will save his (or her) ass is effort. Not always true, by the way. But makes sense. Because people like to feel important and valued. And nothing screams being valued more than effort. When you deliver more than expected, people will notice. They will check you out and maybe even ask if you “wanna get out of here”.

There are so many ways in which you can make an impact as a blogger. Even when someone else has posted the same thing online, it’s up to you and your creativity to liven things up a bit from your corner of the Internet. And anyways, it’s no use trying to always keep up with your competition. You have more business focusing on your own.