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Day 55: Letting go of perfection

Sat, Sep 16, 2017 | Read in 3 minutes

There are times when winning is not possible. Not yet. Or not today. Or not after a few months of practice. And that’s okay.

There will be times when you finally need to let go of perfection because it’s wearing you out. You stress about the little things and the weak spots. You try to fill up the gap between you and excellence all the time as if excelling equaled the worth of your work.

But your work is your work. And tomorrow, it will still be your work.

No matter how hard you hustle, it won’t always be perfect. It sounds sad at first to not perfect something on the first try (or the second or third) but that’s a good thing. Because if something is already perfect, there won’t be any need for development, improvement, learning, and progress.

And you’re gonna have to remain within that bubble called Perfect.

So here’s the story…

Perfect is a bubble that has it all. She is happy, she is talented, she has published books that became all-time bestsellers, she can do a handstand without breaking a sweat. She even has her home clean and tidy all the time like any perfect bubble should.

On the other hand, you have Imperfect, the bubble that struggles all the time. Imperfect can’t decide whether his life as a bubble is a joke or a tragedy. He makes mistakes… lots of them. He broke people’s hearts and people broke his heart in return. He couldn’t get everything tidy all the time but he tries. He prioritizes but there are compromises. He endlessly creates with his talents knowing it’s not even close to Perfect but enjoying and learning from them anyway.

As you could imagine, Perfect’s life as a bubble doesn’t need to go anywhere else simply because it’s already where it’s perfectly meant to be. We could not be too sure that Perfect ever learned anything, though, let alone acknowledge happiness when she doesn’t know sadness. Or appreciated love when she’s never known hate. But let’s assume she knows it all and she’s still Perfect.

Imperfect, the unfortunate bubble that he is, definitely knows what sadness is. He knows what it’s like to hurt from his own mistakes. The poor bubble definitely had his own share of confusion, uncertainty, and fears. Other bubbles ridiculed him for not having it all, much less have it together. But when Imperfect loves, he loves with all his might because he knows what it’s like to have experienced apathy. When he wins, he makes sure to celebrate not because he knows what losing is but because he works real hard everyday just to win. And even then, he doesn’t mind if someone else tells him he won or lost anything, because working for him was winning.

The morale of the story is: there’s nothing wrong with Perfect but there’s nothing wrong with Imperfect either. The only difference is Imperfect makes mistakes and learns a lot. And from learning all the bad, he appreciates even more what it’s like to have it good.