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Day 6: A day for rest

Mon, Oct 10, 2016 | Read in 2 minutes

Let’s try a game of “Have you’s” right now. Have you ever noticed how an entire day of rest can be so beneficial for your whole week? Have you ever stopped to think that life could be so much better when you’re outside under the sun, letting the daylight sink in? And have you ever felt alive–really alive—when you’re around people? Because that’s exactly what I did today.

Out and about

I always think a little bit of sunshine goes a long way. And it does. It has been so for me for a long time now. When I’m stuck at work trying to concentrate, I can’t because I’m not able to concentrate while simultaneously imagining all the curious things people are doing outside. But when I go out for even a few minutes, it’s as if my soul just went up two levels. Daylight is refreshing. Especially in the Philippines. 😉

Consciously spending time

One of my tags for the posts here on Isla Notes is #BeIntentional. I think it’s a very good habit. I used to not mind what I do. I just go on letting things pass by and happen to me without consciously thinking about what else I could’ve done or said. I simply experience but I don’t act. And that’s a very sad predicament, if I may say so.

Experience is the best teacher, but to be the best student, you need to act.

Feel the crowd

Well, not literally. Most laws would prohibit that.

But yeah, feel the crowd’s energy. Be in a crowd with a bunch of strangers and just be there.

I know, I know. I’m an introvert. I’d rather go home, please and thank you, than “feel the crowd.” But I’m an enlightened introvert, as I like to think of myself (enlightened? Whatevs, right??) and I appreciate all sources of energy and positivity–human interactions, virtual interactions (_ahem, hi, fellow bloggers!_ 😁), nature adventures, and so on. It’s uplifting if you choose to think of it that way.

Honestly, though, I wrote started a draft on this 11pm yesternight, slept,  and just finished it today, 9:36am. Yesterday, my day was full and my energy was on workout-till-you-drop levels. I’ve been running errands, stretching, yoga-ing (I know right. Using yoga as a verb is unheard of but meh), exercising and, dare I say, strength training.

Still going to post another entry on the blog later though because I haven’t posted for today yet (Day 7) and I feel like something good is about to happen (lol). 🙂