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Embrace being a night owl

Sat, Apr 28, 2018 | Read in 3 minutes

“Early bird, or night owl?”

Excerpt From: The Editors, “365 Days of Writing Prompts.” iBooks.

I am hands-down a night owl. I’ve tried many times in countless ways to become a morning person, but I think it’s never going to happen. At least, not now when I’m in my third trimester of pregnancy.

The idea of becoming or being a morning person is very tempting. Most successful people wake up before the sun, i.e. around 5am. And that’s a very commendable feat.

Unfortunately, there are those of us unlucky ones, who — no matter how hard we try to maintain the early wakeup call — cannot chronically sustain waking up early in the long term.

I have mixed emotions in saying I do belong to the latter.

No doubt, I have tried waking up early for a few days or even weeks but could not sustain it. And then I get back to my habit of not sleeping early.

I think the way to go about this is simply to let it go. Just flow with your natural sleep and waking times. But then also, the secret is to keep adding activities (or habits) in your days so that you become so exhausted by the end of the day that all you want to do is sleep already.

I discovered, during the times when I woke up earlier, that sleeping early really does the trick. Whenever I slept early, I just woke up naturally, without any need for the alarm to set off. So a good night’s sleep is essential — that’s 8 hours at least for me, but could look a little different for you.

In this phase of my pregnancy though, I don’t push myself too hard. I am also, in a way, trying to prepare for the sleep disruption that comes after giving birth — when I actually have to wake up at any hour of the day to take care of my newborn. I don’t expect things to be perfect.

I try to just accept things the way they are especially at this point, but I also make sure that I’m not being passive. For instance, I try as much as possible to keep a very balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, water, and then the occasional fatty foods, takeouts, cheeseburgers, fries, etc. I also make it a point to walk at least a thousand step per day and to do some form of exercise daily (mostly because I want my baby to “drop” soon as she will be full term about a week from now 😊).

To wrap this up, there are a few things I would replace with being a night owl. Being a night owl might not be the traditional way towards success, but we’ll get there. You don’t need to follow what everyone else is doing just because it worked for them. You need to find the things that work for you, too, especially as it relates to your current situation or phase in life. 🙂

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