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Finishing the end of 2019’s first half

Tue, Jul 2, 2019 | Read in 2 minutes

When I started this blog roughly six months ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I just made plans by organizing what it is I really want to do and be known for and just keep creating in that direction.

And my plans have served me well for all of six months. I may not be able to call myself a full-fledged full stack web developer just yet but I think this journey of learning doesn’t just stop with certificates. As long as I can, I will always be learning and that’s the beauty of going after your goals.


In the coding arena, I’m almost done with JavaScript. I’ve discovered that limiting my learning to can be helpful to find some sort of direction. But for concepts and terms that I don’t understand yet, the Mozilla Foundation and W3Schools are also pretty good options.


As mentioned, I will be focusing more on writing and content this season. Despite being so reluctant to switch back to WordPress, I made just another WordPress blog! Hahah. But this time around, it’s because I want to separate my web development education from faster content creation. I can and am able to create my own website from scratch right now but I chose not to for this particular blog because I needed more space to create and less time figuring things out with web development on top of writing all the content on my site. At this point, speed and volume is what I am after and I can’t achieve that if I have to create my own website. And so I rely on existing giants to do the heavy lifting for me while I happily sit and write my head out.


Glad to say I did practice yoga AND meditation this morning. I had the time! It was so good for my soul. I find that I can’t pressure myself to do yoga everyday with all the things I want to achieve and am responsible for. But I can gently nudge myself to practice yoga every now and then especially when I’m feeling less than myself.


This first half of the year has been wonderful and that’s an understatement. For the part six months, I’ve learned how I’m able to work and cope and adapt in line with who I am and who I want to be. That, for me, has been my biggest achievement so far (right after giving birth to my precious little one, of course). 💗