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Flawed people loving flawed people

Tue, Jun 9, 2020 | Read in 2 minutes

I rarely consume the news anymore nor log into Facebook at all. But every now and then, somebody informs me that so-and-so place recently had another positive case of Covid-19 or there’s another story or post on Instagram that shows more evidence of unnecessary misuse of authoritative power from so-and-so country or state, which led to women and men being placed under inhumane circumstances and stripped of their sense of dignity whatsoever.

And it makes us all question whether love is just another word thrown in to keep us feeling alive when in reality our souls are broken and dying before our eyes from all this violence and hate.

How can we want to love another in the midst of hate, anger, and confusion?

It makes me think about the time when I felt betrayed. Someone I trusted had lied to me. How could I still want to love this person? I would ask. This person who has shown me that he cannot be trusted to tell me what he was up to when I was not around. This person whom I gave my whole heart to and treated so honestly yet did nothing but repay me by denying me the truth. Of all the people, he betrayed me. Of all the people in the world… why me?

But the thing is: he didn’t lie because of me. He lied because that was who he was at that point in time. His choice was to hide the truth from me because he thought that would make my pain and his less painful. It was a flawed way of thinking. And he is a flawed human being. And so am I.

When he chose to lie, I chose to love. I did not WANT to love him. I CHOSE to love him.

In the midst of this current injustice and confusion, when it is easier to be bitter and to scorn those closest to you, your response speaks the most about your heart.

Love does not consider whether the other is deserving of it. Love just is.