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For the multi-passionate who wants to find focus

Wed, Aug 26, 2020 | Read in 4 minutes

Imagine being passionate about so many things at the same time.

It’s like juggling multiple balls in the air. At some point, you can’t keep up anymore and the balls go falling down one by one.

You don’t have to subscribe to that story anymore.

You don’t have to subscribe to any story that you don’t make for yourself.

Just because you are multi-passionate does not mean you can never find focus.

Never is a strong word.

“Never find focus” is an even stronger phrase.

It might be hard to consider multi-passionates thriving just because we seem to want and be in different fields all the time.

And even as you may already know that the world’s greatest have been multi-passionates as well, i.e. Leonardo da Vinci, it may still feel like you can never step up to the same kind of greatness.

Greatness is subjective. You wouldn’t want to be Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci would want to be Leonardo da Vinci.

You want to be you and that is exactly what you are doing in order to be great.

Just because this modern world has glorified all kinds of experts in their respective fields precisely because of how they have narrowed down in their specific areas of expertise, doesn’t mean they didn’t have other passion and interests as well.

Here are a few things you can remember when it comes to focus and being multi-passionate:

1 | Passions take time

You don’t become an expert in one day. You practice your craft, make mistakes, and improve incrementally. Being good at a particular passion requires hours and hours of practice.

That said, it’s never too late to take on a new challenge. Even if you think you’ve fallen off the bandwagon, realize that you still are the youngest you’ll ever be right now (I learned this from Lavendaire).

So buy that class, get that coach, find that mentor, get the materials you need for your creative projects. You are the youngest you’ll ever be now and you have time.

2 | Time is your ally

Speaking of time, it is your ally. Knowing that passions take time is actually a good thing because you get to enjoy, indulge, and immerse yourself in the things you love doing.

Now I know real life calls for hardships as well. Most of these difficulties are external. They will only be internal if you let them.

It is always about how you respond rather than how you react.

Granted, reacting is our first instinct. For instance, if someone irritates us, the first feeling we get is probably annoyance, or even anger.

Feel the anger, the annoyance, the irritation. Then adapt to it with the mindset that works for you.

Your feelings are teaching you something and guiding you towards your truth. Feel them and release them. Let it be okay. Let yourself learn and move forward.

You don’t have to show your frustrations right away and, even if you do, you don’t have to verbalize all of them all the time. You just need to feel them, be aware, and then do the tiniest, next right thing.

3 | Focus happens in moments

I always believe that all we have is now.

Of course, you can try to focus “over the years” on the specific path/s you want to be on. But the thing is, “over the years” is not yet happening now.

What IS happening is this very moment. This exact instance where you get to decide whether the things you are doing serve the goal or dream that you have.

It is in this decision and subsequent action that you get to change your life and improve little by little.

They say that the days are long but the years are short. Truly, you will find a few years from now that things have gone by so fast. But today, it all feels a lot slower. It all feels like you’re not reaching your true potential. Maybe you aren’t but what if… just what if… you ARE.

What if your desires have already all happened and it is all so glorious and you only need to receive this grace and abundance as it comes to you?

You attract what you put out into the world. And so if you attract focus into your now, it has no choice but to make its way to you.

Being multi-passionate means accepting yourself and the multitudes of passions you have. By doing so, you learn that you don’t have to juggle everything into the air. You can choose which balls to take on first and leave the others on the floor for a while. Then, when you have the energy and time, switch which balls to take into your hands.

Yes, we are limited in that we only have so much time and energy to focus on which passions to take on but we are free to choose. Your limitations only enhance your creativity and, hopefully, your multi-passionate life as well.