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Inquiring Your Heart and Intuition

Sun, May 3, 2020 | Read in 3 minutes

As you can gather, goal setting is a very precious topic for me. Starting it on the premise of, “You should do this…” or “You need to do it this way…” is just not the kind of thing that I would want to be reading (and writing) myself.

And besides, I wanted to talk about heart inquiries, darn it! So what was I doing telling people how to set goals in this way or that? It certainly wasn’t my business.

So instead I asked my heart about how I can sincerely convey this message for you: I want you to remember that, if you’re a modern multi-passionate creative yearning to come out of your shell and make a difference in this beautiful world, I believe—I repeat, I BELIEVE—in you.

First, we need to tackle how to set goals as a modern multi-passionate creative. And it begins with intuition.

Multi-passionates are notorious for diving into multiple, seemingly unrelated activities and projects at the same time.

It’s therefore a good thing to bear in mind that this session of goal setting is not merely about listing down every single thing that interests you (although I would want to hear about that, too!) but looking specifically into the things that bring the most output for the major goals that you want to accomplish. That is, goals that you want to prioritize.

For instance, if your goal for your website were to simply explore your curiosities, then well and good! I think I’m still and always will be at that stage myself.

BUT if you want to help people through your work because you believe you can offer a solution to a problem they’re facing, then going through the goal setting process might very well support you immensely in accomplishing that major goal.

I get it though. Prioritizing ideas and projects isn’t as exciting as going through the thing already. Then again, if it’s not as exciting to you to feel yourself being successful in that thing you should be prioritizing, then maybe consider how much and how badly you really want to manifest that in your life?

The thing is: Our hearts already know the answer.

—elaine aquino

Because the things is: Our hearts already know the answer. We’re just blinded by so many others and practicalities. And this is why inquiring your heart is one of the first steps to multi-passionate goal setting. You need to be able to be close to 100% (or more) sure that you really, really, reeeaaallly love what you’re trying to accomplish.

You might have a project or cause that you desperately in your heart of hearts want to accomplish as soon as possible. And that is one of the major priorities that you could consider setting as your main goal.

Be wary of step-by-step processes though. My journey towards this website has NOT been linear. I went through different stages to get here and to finally be confident “in my own skin” as they say. And it wasn’t at all easy. But I did it and it’s because I made an inquiry to my heart. I asked her what she really wanted and who she really was when people were not around to judge. And she answered me. She said she wanted me to help you believe that you are capable of accomplishing those BIG [different] goals. You are abundant. You have everything you need to go after the life and work of your dreams. And the first step? Setting goals like nobody’s business. 😉