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Good Mornings

Sat, May 19, 2012 | Read in 2 minutes

I do realize how, right now, it takes all the strength of me to wake up after sleeping at 5 am last night. Nope, I wasn’t out doing tricks all night. I was supposed to be up doing work but my veeery slooooow internet connection was not helping so I wasted my time with online window shopping (so to speak) and movie marathoning until daybreak.

My unknowing brother woke me up 8 am and I still feel like a mess. It doesn’t really also help that I’m habitually writing on my blog without much of a draft or the slightest bit of a plan on my topic. This is so typical– spontaneous, tacky writing. Nonetheless, I also believe I shall not regret this for I still feel ten percent sane, and that’s a lot to speak for now.

So check out my new room:

We’ve transferred again, my siblings and I. We are now under the roof of the coolest uncle in the world. Life is what you make it? This here is life being made, friend. After the typhoon, we are quite in the recovery process and there are all sorts of stuff here which also literally “stuffed” the whole place. Our things (my family’s) together with my uncle’s family’s belongings combined can create a houseful of black bags, two extra beds, one extra dining table, and other such stuff in the garage which I have not gone through one by one yet. Before the typhoon, we weren’t exactly great minimalists when it comes to designing our houses’ interiors if you know what I mean.

So moving on, the only spooky thing I notice every night here is that there are lots of dogs howling every midnight which I suppose could be trending as the dog version of a booty call in their dog world right now. Cool, right?

I like it here.



P.S. Good morning! Hahah. See how I just love mornings?