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Handling overwhelm as a content creator

Sun, Jan 5, 2020 | Read in 3 minutes

You know what, I’m just not gonna do it like most other bloggers/ content creators out there… and just frickin do my own thing.

This first week of January 2020 has me in a slightly overpowering mindfuck. Snicker, snicker, so I cursed again.

I have what one can only call a vlogmas hangover. Trying to vlog, edit, publish everyday on top of life’s usual activities is pretty jarring.

So I let myself loose on New Year’s Eve and went for a glass or four of red wine despite my better judgement and best efforts to become a “good” mom.

I was kind of tired from the holidays and decided I’d let myself take the first week of January off.

Technically, therefore, I’m not supposed to be writing (or typing) this in the middle of the night right now. But I always surprise myself, don’t I?

Overwhelm is such an understatement for creators who make content for a living. There are so many platforms and so many ways to make content nowadays that it can lead to paralysis.

What content should I make next to stay relevant? To keep up with the fucking algorithms? To even build an audience because, apparently, the audience count is still zero and a half?

I say, let it all go.

Think about what excites you. Think about what made you start in the first place. Think about why you’re creating. Is it mostly because you just want to appear active for activity’s sake or because this is what you truly feel like doing?

If the answer is the latter, you’re in luck because we’re usually free to create what we feel like when we feel like.

If the answer is the former, however, I’m not here to judge. If a busy feed is all you want, who am I to say you’re wrong? Virtually nobody.

For my rebel peeps in the background, though, I feel you so hard. Things can get so complicated when we think about what “other people” would think about what we’re creating.

We then start to think… well, I need to do some more market research. Well, what’s trending now? Well, how can I try to please this person who is my target audience?

And the answers to all those questions are a good starting point if you want to be mind-numbingly overwhelmed in the future.

I say, say what you want, do what you want, and create what you want. What you need will follow.

Too reckless? Maybe, but overthinking, I would argue, is also pretty damn reckless. Not to mention, it gets you nowhere when you’re just in your head, am I right?

As a content creator, the number one way to handle overwhelm and inaction is to keep creating, methinks, because that sets the tone of creativity that you’re actually looking for.

When action predetermines your strategy, you actually still win. Once you put stuff out there, sooner or later, you’ll find what works and what doesn’t.

Laying out a plan is still pretty rad. I love planning, too. But there’s only so much planning and mind-work that can be done before you start burning out.

So I won’t keep this blog post long. It has done its part in pulling me from my vlogmas-hangover-content-creation-overwhelm-incessant-planning-mode state. I’m here to tell you you can still do this. There’s a lot yet to accomplish and there is time for everything if you make it so.