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How Christmas Makes Us Stronger

Thu, Dec 23, 2010 | Read in 3 minutes

A lot of things can bother us during Christmas. Presents, decorations, songs, and lights are but a small fraction of our worries. The deeper reason behind people who act all Scrooge or are just simply indifferent to the mere idea of Christmas is that of the trouble of not having loved ones around on this festive occasion.

The specific persons whom we consider very much important to our lives are naturally the people we want to spend Christmas with. They are the people we would gladly spend all our savings to. They are the people who, even though we lack the money, the time, the energy to celebrate the holidays, make us happy simply by being present. Their presence is a gift as it is, yet their absence is more than losing that gift. Their absence practically equates to losing the essence of Christmas itself. That is the saddest thing about Christmas- having no one. Despite all the billions of people on this earth, there are only a few whom you are lucky enough to have, and these few are the only ones who truly matter.

You see, Christmas never really was about finding the perfect present or gathering just to eat food and celebrate. It is about remembering and being remembered, reminiscing and accepting. It is about people- human beings who make mistakes but still love and are loved in return. In the first place, Christmas is Christmas because of a Child named Jesus Christ who was born to save mankind. God must really love us so much more than we think.

It is a mystery and a test of Faith to understand why we still do not have the people we need on Christmas.

But always, there is that Hope- the kind that doesn’t just happen on any day of the year. It happens on Christmas like a silent whisper before you fall asleep, a beckon to believe that what you have right now is all you need, a small voice that says: there is a Time for everything.

Christmas gives us that kind of Hope. This is how we become stronger. We let go of the angst, the pain, the sacrifices. We listen to that little voice. We attempt. Take a leap of Faith. Believe. Christmas can be so full of wonders, emotions, distractions. But it is how we take it that makes us truly happy. It is how we appreciate and believe and hope that on that day- that one special Christmas day that everyone celebrates each year- we have all we need and will have the rest in God’s Perfect Time.

Merry Christmas.


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