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How to gain real confidence as a content creator

Fri, Aug 7, 2020 | Read in 4 minutes

Hint: it’s not just about how you look.

There are lots of content out there on the Internet already about all the ways you can be confident. You can dress the part. You can wear makeup and look pretty. You can work hard or act as if (you know, fake-it-til-you-make-it mentality, which is one of my favorite things to do, btw).

But there’s only ONE thing I know for sure that brings me real confidence: it is knowing that I’ve done and continue to do something about my dreams and goals. That I pursued something–a dream–that only I could see.

Action is how we get real confidence in ourselves and in our work because words can only mean so much until they get a little tired.

Come to think about it, we never really feel confident when we haven’t done any of what we said we would do. This is why doing first, talking later speaks volumes over the opposite.

The real question is, What kind of work do you want to put out into the world?

What kind of work would you rather not give up on even when things are hard? And the ultimate, Why do you do what you do?

This one right now, creating content, technically isn’t my job… yet… because I’m not earning a significant amount from this… yet. But I love it and, just like loving anyone or anything, I don’t really have a good reason for loving it. I just love it. I feel called to love it.

And if you think you can’t possibly sustain putting work out into the world ever, I get you and I feel for you.

I’ve been through jobs I hated and jobs that brought back depression into my life. I’ve been through jobs where the people around me were toxic and jobs that I didn’t really honestly give my best to.

Probably the hardest part about starting in the content creation world is needing to put in the work even if there’s no pay.

You need to keep publishing even when there’s no guarantee. You need to show up even when no one is watching. You need to support yourself because the only person who can clearly see your goal is you.

But that is how we begin anything. Even at school, we began by putting in the time. We didn’t just graduate after 3 months and doctors didn’t just become doctors after a year.

It takes so much more time. And this is a good thing. Because it means you have so much potential ahead of you to learn and immerse yourself in the path you want to be on.

Action gives me confidence and progress is my reward.

Progress sustains work because it is evidence that you’ve taken the steps and ate the motherfucking frog.

Now I’m not saying you’re lazy if you’re not doing aligned action towards your dreams right now. My lazy ass ain’t perfect as well.

The other half that no one really talks about (except probably people from the manifestation world) is energy.

What is the kind of energy that you have even when you’re not yet taking action?

Do you back your goals with a loving vibration and release the need to always perform?

Even if you act on something, if you do it with a negative energy, you won’t be as effective as having a loving energy behind what you’re doing. Or at least you won’t get to enjoy the process when ease and enjoyment and fun were always available for you.

The vital thing to notice here is that it’s not just about accomplishing goals too but also giving yourself the space to let abundance flow freely towards you by being an energetic match. Being an energetic match is being in the frequency of receiving abundance and love into your life.

Action and energy is a potent combination for finding the confidence to keep putting out work that you love. Work that will affect so many people who need to hear your content in exactly the way you say it.

It’s not just about mindless action. It’s about being in alignment with your ultimate goals, your dream career paths, your ambitions.

Gaining real confidence is an ongoing process. It doesn’t happen in one click or one fell swoop. It surely doesn’t happen overnight as you sleep. Let it trickle into the tiny moments of your day-to-day. Let it slowly seep into your soul by continuously, little by little, putting in the hours and following the path you want to be on. Not the path that others lay before you or expect you to follow but the path you get to create for yourself.