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Mon, May 11, 2020 | Read in 4 minutes

Every week, I reflect on the things I learned from the past week and jot down notes. As I continued to publish on my blog last week, I felt like I had to step back and check in with myself about the things I learned along the way.

Ultimately, what you learn will make you better and help improve your content through time.

These are some of the lessons I learned from Week 19 of this year:

Your content will not get better if you stop creating regularly.

For short, create regularly.

Make your creation process fun. And the only way to do this is to do you and be you. There really is no better way to create content than to make sure you’re having fun while doing it. Some days may seem less fun, but it doesn’t mean you should stop creating. Because this is your life now. Your life is creative now. It’s not just mindless work that makes you want to escape. Your work is now work where you go to escape.

You don’t get what you don’t ask for.

I’ve heard this countless times before and yet I still suffer from not enacting it in real life.


Ask people about what they would do if they were in your shoes and you were struggling to create something. Ask them if they want to buy from you, goddamit! The number one thing I think that’s holding us back is the fear of rejection. But ask for that “No”! Ask for a “No” so many times that the Universe will just give up and say “Yes.”

Just put your thoughts out and reply to comments

Make it fun.

When you’re anxious about posting stuff and/ or replying to your comments, just remember that this is all for fun. Of course, there are so many other important things as well like connection, communication, and resonance. But fun eases your out of that pressure to seem professional or pleasing or whatever.

Put in the time everyday to film yourself or record your voice and put stuff out there

This is how you explore: You stop being inside your comfort zone.

Your life is creative now.

-elaine aquino

Even if you’re not going to post it, record yourself speaking or vlog about your day. As a content creator, it’s your job to let your personality shine through and you can’t do that by reading, liking pictures on Instagram, or watching Netflix and YouTube (aka consuming all day).

You let your personality out by talking and presenting yourself to the world. By writing or creating or making art. By showing up regularly in front of the camera or recording your thoughts with voice notes. Writing is just one way to communicate. The rest of the world who would rather watch than read will thank you for showing your personality.

Just get to it. Get to the task.

It doesn’t have to be so hard. You don’t need to overthink. You just have to get to it.

Cut back on the non-essentials.

Don’t do it because others do it.

What was your intention? What is your goal? What platform do you mainly want to be seen on? Instagram is great but Instagram also sucks because you waste so much time trying to think of a way being pleasing to others when you don’t even know if you like yourself. Like yourself first. Be on the essential platforms first then let your work be distributed from there.

Consistency is the by-product of believing in something or someone.

I’m not so fond of the word consistency myself. It’s so full of pressure and frankly boring. Consistency is going to office everyday at the same time. Nothing wrong with that if that’s you. But I’m not about that life, not now, not ever I guess (I hope?).

So believe.

Believe you’re the kind of person who shows up. Believe in yourself so much you can’t help but show up. Believe in your goal so much you can’t stop working towards it.