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How to start a blog in 2020

Sun, Dec 1, 2019 | Read in 5 minutes

Blogging is not dead. Not yet anyway and I’m guessing not ever.

Of course, in 2019, attention is going towards audio. Our time is valuable and so we do things while we listen to our favorite podcast. We multitask because it’s easier to multitask with audio. Unlike videos and vlogs, audio is much more busy-person-friendly.

But are we really busy though? The million dollar question.

My guess is… there are still pockets of your time, even in this day and age, which are filled with social media scrolls. And I get it. It’s easy and it’s an instant reward.

And reading? Well, it takes a back seat for a hot sec while your favorite reality TV show is playing. Because who has the time to read nowadays?

And that brings me to the question of whether people still read blogs nowadays for leisure. Sure, when you’re trying to search for useful information like what it means when you have a rash in the tiny crevices of your left elbow, Google’s got your back. You find the exact article you need. BOOM, question answered.

But reading about other people’s lifestyle, their thoughts… their, er, feelings. Is that still a thing?

I’d like to believe so. In 2020, blogging might not be the number one form of media consumed. But blogging still remains as a powerful medium for communication.

Blogs are more instant and more digestible than a book but longer, more in-depth, and more organized than an Instagram caption or a Facebook post.

And I’m guessing that’s one of the reasons why you’re still here reading this right now. You understand that blogging is here to stay and you want to be a part of it as 2020 arrives.

Guess what? Blogging is like the mother of social media. She may seem out of focus every now and then, but she was always there patiently waiting for you to come back. Hi, mom!

So how DO you start a blog in 2020?

1 | Write down your desired topics

Knowing what you want to talk about is crucial for your future blogging journey. You don’t want to start a blog just because your neighbor also has a blog and you find them funny and you want to be funny but you’re really a serious person… right? I mean, what a waste to not be yourself. So jot down a couple of things you want to blog about. Make sure these topics send tingles up and down your spine. That’s how you know you’re onto something cool.

2 | Choose a title from each category

From the topics you wrote down, separate them according to categories. When I started to get serious with my blog last September 2019, I came up with 12 categories. It doesn’t matter how many categories you have. Or if it doesn’t make sense to you for now. Just organize your selected topics by category and pick a title from the topics within your categories. You could also use your topics as titles. I find that if I write down my title first before my content, my blog posts are much more cohesive because I keep glancing back to my title and get an idea of how I’d like to talk about the topic. You can also change the title later if you like… you know, for SEO and all that stuff that’s supposed to bring in more readers.

3 | Write an article

Now the exciting part: you write! I do understand that some people (i.e. me) find it hard to write an article sometimes. Okay, most of the time. In my defense, I have a one-year-old who needs my attention 247. Yes, I’m going to use my kid as my excuse because I’m lame like that. But all kidding aside, when you find yourself struggling to put down words on paper (or screen), my advice is just to start writing (or typing) whatever is in your head about the topic you plan to write about. As you write, you learn. You will discover your own voice once you start writing.

4 | Pick a platform

Like any good blogger out there, I started on WordPress as one inevitably does. Also, Blogspot, once upon a time. But because I want to make life hard for myself and I’m such a penny pincher, I went the developer-friendly route and created my website using a static site generator called Hugo. Static what, you say? Simply put, my website is made of static pages that are generated every time I make changes on it. It’s not like WordPress that has a backend where you can write your articles, input your categories and themes, and everything is published like magic. But that’s just me. You, my rich friend, can pick any platform you so choose. And if you’d like to go the free route, you also could. Some beginner-friendly platforms I’d recommend:

5 | Start your blog

Now that you have your topics, categories, at least an article, and a platform of your choice, you’re quite equipped to start your own blog for 2020! Look at you, you savvy, sexy blogger you!

What you could additionally do at this stage, because you have your categories in hand now, is to flesh out new topics and titles that interest you and preferably schedule them to be published on a consistent timeline. People like to know when they can expect to see you or read from you.

Bonus: Create an official bio description

Because social media is still one of the fastest ways to connect to people in 2019, give yourself the bonus of creating an official bio description which you can use on all your social media accounts. Keep them consistent and personal brand-worthy.

So those are my simple tips for how to start a blog in 2020 and why blogging isn’t dead just yet.

Go forth and do your thing! Keep your content flowing, learn along the way, and make friends, my dear child. 2020 better look out for ya.