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How To Start A Blog (When You’ve Already Started Before)

Fri, Jun 26, 2015 | Read in 2 minutes

Well you start by starting.

It’s been a while and I feel like a blogging nomad for starting at blogging ALL the time. I started since back in 2006 but then I got inactive pretty much after boyfriends and college started. I did continue blogging for some time but I wasn’t at all committed. Commitment is a very strong word and very difficult to devote yourself to when you have different priorities, you know.

So now I am writing again.

Well, really, it doesn’t matter when you start writing again as long as you keep doing it. We are all free to do whatever the fudge we want, including writing/ blogging at any time we want. It is our life to live (or not live) after all. But if you want to be the best at something, you have to keep doing it until you make it, right?

So, how start a blog when you’ve already started before? Here’s a long list for y’all to follow:

Step 1. Just frickin START.

Step 2. Keep writing until you are physically unable to do so anymore.


Because life is short, that’s why. If you can’t prolong life, you can at least treasure the moments when you were happy in it. Contentment after realizing you did everything you could is much better than a long life which was empty after all. And writing is happiness. And heck, because everything else is possible nowadays. Like #MarriageEquality for LGBT peeps all over America. Now isn’t that rad? Hats off to their views on freedom and equality. I comment no further. Now, off we go back to our daily lives and our daily routines (which has got to  do something with coffee one way or another).

Motivation vibe: if you plan to do good at anything, do it the _best_ way you could.

Chillax. Grab a coffee, it’s just you and me. 😉

(Featured photo by Bridget Braun)