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I Have Evolved

Sat, Jun 9, 2007 | Read in 1 minutes

Not really, hahah. 😛

I’ve just [moved][1] my blog, as it is. has been pwned! Sort of. Thank you for visiting Looking Through. Of course, I’ll still be around–just on a different location. Much like I’m in a different phase right now. College. Orientations. Classes. And eventually, dating, pregnancy and early parenthood. Ok, forget the last part. I’m just kidding around and I’m not that stupid. But, you know, the thought of it always hovers over my head every time because it’s very much mentioned in college. It’s like I just want to say “STOOOPPP!We know about it. We know the consequences. But why, oh why, do you keep repeating it as if you’re suggesting we should just as well do it now if we plan to do it later?

But it does happen. And it happens to teenagers a lot.

Nevertheless, I feel privileged to be in a good school and, just like what was said during orientation, if “much has been given, much is also expected.”