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It’s An Attention Span Thing

Sat, Dec 5, 2015 | Read in 1 minutes

My attention span is just about as long as a blink. Not much posting and blogging going around on November. But I did do something (not _Nanowrimo_ey or _writer_ishy) and it involves setting up websites again. I dunno. I never get tired of this thing. It keeps coming back to me like smelling fresh baked bread that takes you back to a childhood memory. It’s not nostalgia. It’s just pure elation and, sometimes, ecstasy. I’m high on it like that.

Anyhow, a little throwback to my Halloween-themed past:

Hopefully, this December, I will be able to finish my projects (I always have them) and get on with writing a novel already (as if it’s that easy, yo). Won’t bring myself to tears for not coming through with my previous goals now. Nobody will know I’ll hide in my sheets later on during the day anyway, incessantly questioning my lack of social connection. Maybe I just don’t mind having a few friends? Whatever. An advice to people who constantly think about their problems: Don’t think about them. It will be the end of your version of happiness and nobody want that. At least not during the Holidays.

Advanced Merry Christmas! 🙂


(Featured photo by Daria Nepriakhina)