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Just Rambling

Tue, Aug 12, 2014 | Read in 2 minutes

So, continuing from my last post, I did go to Corniche the morning after. In fact, I have evidence of myself portraying the role of a zombie right here:

Goofing around by the Corniche in Abu Dhabi

Yeah, I know. Typical.

I’ve been wracking my brain for days on end asking myself what I should post on this blog. And yeah, I have been treading through the waters known famously as “Procrastination,” thinking I will be able to think of the best post by tomorrow. It seems, my tomorrow has taken me long enough though.

To put it bluntly, I wasn’t able to think of anything grand to post about. But now that I think about it, this is a personal blog. And this is my blog. So what the heck. I’m going to post about my mundane life. Like a twisted diary of sorts, I guess.

Anyway, for the sake of introducing a good topic (like any good conversation), I’m simply going to talk about the stuff I read.

I recently finished John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars:

Haven’t seen the movie yet but I hope it brings justice to the book, as every reader does when they know the book they’re reading has been or is about to be put on film.

Yeah, TFIOS was good. I liked Augustus Waters especially and mainly because I could relate to his character and people also tell me I’m hot. Just kidding.

Waters was this crazy kid who is of course known for his attachment to applying metaphor in everyday life. Then he falls in love with Hazel Grace Lancaster. Both of them are cancer patients. In fact, they met at a support group for people who have cancer.

I liked the book’s use of words. Simple and elegant like a woman (though written by a man). I like that Green was able to talk about dying kids in the lightest, most matter-of-fact, no-overuse-of-drama-here tone. The book is very quotable. In fact, I lifted a few quotes myself and posted them on Instagram just like any good millennial would.

But after reading, I moved on to another book (The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald) without much reflection in between. A good aunt of mine died of cancer a few years ago, so I didn’t really want to dwell on TFIOS just about then.

See… It’s not that bad once you start writing again, right? (Well, as long as you right something, that is.)

Elaine 🙂