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Keeping content flowing on a busy schedule

Sun, Oct 13, 2019 | Read in 5 minutes

Most, if not all, moms lead busy lives. I didn’t realize this at first when I decided to get pregnant. I thought I could just wing it when it’s there. So when I had my first baby, I told myself, I did not think this through at all.

Of course, I don’t regret being a mother. I love this role with every bit of my being. There are just some things about motherhood that I didn’t expect at all and was not totally prepared for. One of them is the busy-ness that comes with the role.

A mom has many responsibilities and, when you’re also trying to create content online, overwhelm becomes your official word of the year. Even those who are not moms or even the men who aim for big dreams would know that, at some point, we become so busy trying to figure out how to achieve our goals that we don’t know how to make sense of it all.

So, with all these activities we have on our plates, how do we keep the content flowing? Here are some tips:

Schedule in advance

You might have seen this across many blogs already but scheduling content ahead of time does wonders for your sanity. There are, of course, some among us who are procrastinators and sprinters—you know, people who love a good close-to-the-deadline challenge. I’m a sprinter. I used to lean wildly on the procrastinating side but I’ve decided I wanted better things in life than to constantly put off things when I could just do them now. I think it comes with becoming a mom?

Anyhow, I tried scheduling all my posts and content for the next 3 months within less than a month. It’s actually fun doing and batching all this work. I’m excited for when this content shows up online. And also a little reluctant with people’s reactions. But I know I have to put stuff out there in order to help others and go after that dream. So schedule in advance. Use a calendar. Keep it tight and simple.

Batch it up

As mentioned, I’ve been batching my content for the next three months. I should have started sooner but you know how life gets in the way, right? Unexpected personal events might as well be one of the reasons why batching is such a time-saver.

To prepare for activities not related to the work you’re doing, you can batch create/ write content at specific dates so that you’re only focused on that content. Then you can make time for tweaks and edits later.

Batch the bulk of your work if they go under the same type of activities. For example, writing blog posts… you could write about 6 posts probably within 3 days or less. And then edit them by batch later too. It’s a good tactic for when you want to organize your activities according to the times when you feel more energetic. You know how it is with Rebel Tendencies, right? Convenience is a big thing for us. And so you can use that to your advantage, too.

Connect with people to unwind from solo work

When you’re so busy and you’re mostly doing solo work, you might sometimes forget to unwind. I know that introverts recharge by having alone time. But there are also benefits with connecting to people in the middle of your tasks. Communicating with others allows you to bring out thoughts that might be stuck in your brain because you’ve been working alone for a long time. Also, sometimes conversations have that magic where the more you talk about ideas, the better they get especially if you’re able to bounce ideas back and forth with the person you’re talking to. Don’t just talk about other people or the weather. Don’t be afraid to talk about ideas. You might just get hyped with a new idea that will spark your next career/ project.

Know your period/ yourself (for men)

For women, knowing when you get your period is kind of important. Because of our hormones, there will be specific times of the month when we’re feeling so productive and outgoing. And there are also other times when we just can’t seem to get ourselves out of the house. Knowing when these times are are vital because they help you schedule your activities accordingly and work better on the days when you’re your best self as opposed to just scheduling randomly without taking into consideration your nature as a woman.

For men, it’s also important to know yourself. They say men’s hormones are wired so that their energy is at its peak in the morning and wanes throughout the day and this same thing happens everyday for men. So for males, everyday is pretty much the same. Men don’t have to look forward to peak times during the month and that’s their advantage.

I do believe each role has an advantage. We are all wired differently and if we just work with what we have and who we know we are, we can make life and work much more bearable, much easier, and much more in alignment.

In Conclusion

Always work with what you’ve got, wherever you are. I’ve always believed in this mantra. And yet, sometimes, I forget. Sometimes, I make excuses and not actually work towards the life I want. That’s okay too as long as you don’t forget what it is you want to make happen and go after it even through little steps everyday.

Set aside time for the work you love doing. Work will be what it is. One day, it’s good. Other days, not so much. Just because you’re working in something you love doing doesn’t mean you never get burned out or tired or that it will always be easygoing. There will be tough days and days when you question if this really is the path for you. When those times come, take a step back and remember your goals. Remember what you want out of life. Remember who you are and then work and move and act from there.