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Last Week at Kumbira (And Another Great Cause)

Wed, Aug 22, 2012 | Read in 2 minutes

They say it’s never too late, so I thought I should post about what happened last week at Kumbira and then, last Saturday, during Thrive CdO’s Breast Cancer Awareness Launching Motorcade.

Kumbira 2012

As it is, I made it a point to encourage myself to take part in Kumbira this year- no matter how small that part may be- just like I do almost every year now. For those who are in the dark of what Kumbira is, my good friend Wikipedia says it’s “a professional and student culinary show and live competition held in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines. It is the largest culinary event in Mindanao, lasting for three days.” While some would argue about the reliability of a source such as Wikipedia and while this description does not necessarily encompass every specific detail of the event, I support the validity of such definition. And may I just say how formal that sounded?

Kumbira is originally a Spanish term which may refer to “feast” or “banquet.” It is also the title to an annual culinary event held in Cagayan de Oro and spearheaded by the Cagayan de Oro Hotels and RestaurantsAssociation (COHARA). COHARA started in 1996 as an initiative by the Department of Tourism in Northern Mindanao (Region X). Kumbira not only showcases the talents of the chefs in Northern Mindanao but the skills of the different members of those involved in the food and beverage service industry as well. As shown in COHARA’s website, they have numerous segments of the programme that highlight just how festive and enjoyable Kumbira can be. As this year’s theme articulates, “Eats more fun in KUMBIRA 2012.”

Without further ado, these pictures are of my model friend, Mae Rafal, and I during the two days we spent wearing heels and promoting a prestigious coffee shop in our city…

Flare tending contest

As a noteworthy addendum to this post, last Saturday, my fellow Miss Kagay-an 2011 colleagues, Christel Valdehueza and April Hernandez, together with this year’s Miss Teen Cagayan de Oro Allona and Jai, supported Breast Cancer Awareness by taking part in Thrive CdO’s motorcade that would kick-start the event. Thrive CdO offered a seminar regarding Breast Cancer Awareness with guest speaker Mrs. Cynthia Villar and free breast examinations.

Simply, I feel blessed to have been part or to have supported such events that not only showcase talents but more importantly support a very important cause. Until next time. 😉