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Manic Music Mondays

Sun, Oct 18, 2015 | Read in 2 minutes

I tweaked the title a little bit from the original Weekly Blogging Challenge by Kat entitled, “Music Mondays.”

Music serves many purposes for all of us. It can relax. It can relieve. It can trick us into making involuntary dance moves. It can bring us to tears or it can empower us to action.

For Mondays, however, it can serve as the This-Week-Is-Starting-So-My-Music-Better-Be-Awesome-AF purpose in order to bring good karma into our everyday lives. Life can be so routine that we forget to enjoy little things. A touch of music can remind us that, yes, life is as simple as the beautiful and awesome tunes we listen to.

Now, in Dubai and generally in the UAE, the work week starts on Sunday and Monday is considered the second working day (Friday equals weekend). Therefore, by Monday, the work force is already a little more tuned up for whatever duties are required of them for that week. I refer to Mondays as manic days for me because it’s when I build myself up towards the climax of reaching my goals for the week. For this day, I wouldn’t mind listening to something empowering.

In my case, “something empowering” would mean something a little more rebellious and/ or non-conformative. My song of choice might not be popular but I find a sense of empowerment in choosing the unpopular choice. It’s like saying, nope, I don’t have to like what everyone else likes. That would be very much against my principles. The song is called Moments by Tove Lo.