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March 31 Updates

Mon, Apr 1, 2019 | Read in 2 minutes

The month of March found myself leaning back into my yoga practice. With a total of 9 sessions for last month, I think I might be doing something good for my body/ mental/ overall health here. At the very least, yoga helps me make more mindful decisions.


On my way to a Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification, which will approximately take me 300 hours to complete. Currently, I am learning Regular Expressions and I’m loving every challenge! I’ve always wanted to learn how to create regex syntax to improve my searching skills on VSCode.


I figured out a way to schedule posts on Hugo and might be blogging about it soon here. That said, this has led me to think I could actually up my writing routine by publishing more posts per week (possibly 3). Besides this blog, I’m also posting on my Instagram everyday now. This is good practice for me to put in some writing although not as consistently as I’d hope. I tend to batch my posts whenever it’s convenient with my “mom schedule.”


Now this is what I’ve been trying to do more of this March. And I like to believe I’ve succeeded! The first day of April has seen me practicing yoga again (and that’s no April Fools joke.) My forward folds are getting serious, friends. Things are looking upwards in this department. 😁


March 2019 was a big month for me in yoga, in learning JavaScript, in posting everyday on IG, and in trying to setup a Hugo website on Netlify + GitLab. If that’s not a lot of improvement, I don’t know what is. 🤷🏻‍♀️😏 My only other prayer is that I’ll keep this up and, who knows, maybe next year I will find good projects I can work on/ with, God-willing. 🙏🏼 For now, I am just utterly thankful for everything. For the work I’m trying to do, for being a mom and partner, for family, friends, and relatives, for the Coding Community on IG. Everything. Gratitude is the key to pure joy. 🙂