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Moneybookers and Verification Processes

Wed, Jul 11, 2012 | Read in 3 minutes

Moneybookers actually works. I have been through quite the grueling process of trying to verify my account so I could withdraw my funds only to realize that I didn’t necessarily have to verify my account first before actually withdrawing to a bank account. Actually, with Moneybookers, one can withdraw funds to a bank account without having to undergo verification process yet as long as the amount to be withdrawn or sent is lower than or equivalent to 1,300.00 USD within a 90-day period and per transaction.

Address Verification

Some users have experienced not being able to verify their addresses because the verification number that Moneybookers was supposedly going to mail to them did not arrive. Moneybookers states in their website that regular mail will take up to 2-5 days only, and then the user will be able to verify their address. But I think Moneybookers was referring to countries/ places around the United Kingdom or within Europe. Those from farther countries might not be able to receive the mailed verification number on the stated time. After 1 week of waiting, I still wasn’t able to receive any mail from Moneybookers so I almost gave up on Address Verification. But then, about a month after I requested the verification number to be sent to my address, my mail arrived. I entered the number and, voila, my address just got verified! So my advice to fellow Moneybookers users is just to have a little patience. Things usually arrive when you least expect them. 😉

Credit/ Debit Card Verification

Now this task was more challenging than the last. Until now, my debit card (EON Visa) is not yet verified because I couldn’t determine the amount that Moneybookers charged my card for verification purposes. My bank statement reflected my latest transactions in local currency (which is Philippine Peso or PHP) but Moneybookers charged me using United States Dollars (USD). I was in the financial dilemma of converting currencies and looking over buying and selling rates for both currencies for that day. It became so inexplicably frustrating and borderline depressing. I have also read from other blogs how they tackled this dilemma, but then I found it even more stressful to have to talk to my bank over the phone to inquire about a particular transaction and the particular amount in USD (read: I am THAT lazy). For this reason, I found it very convenient that Moneybookers has come up with a new system of verification (which I haven’t heard about yet from other blogs). It involves printing one page for my bank to fill out as an additional confirmation of identity and bank account ownership. After a qualified bank personnel fills out the form completely, I only have to scan it, upload to Moneybookers and notify them about my bank verification request. Simple, right? I just wish I had time (and some strong willpower, heheh) to go to the bank someday to verify or else I might regret not having to do so earlier.

Right now, after address verification, my account limit is 5,684.40 USD for every 90-day period and 12,632.00 USD per transaction. Whenever I withdraw funds to my bank account, I just click “Withdraw” from my Moneybookers Account page, follow the step-by-step process and then receive my money within 2-5 days (usually just 2-3 days, in my case).

Because of how long and mentally exhausting the process was for me, I almost gave up. But then, the funny part was I was just going to withdraw less than the limited amount but I was blindly prioritizing on verification. Silly, as usual, I know. Anyhow, now is a happy time to say I have reaped some of my efforts in writing and am planning to do bigger things in the near, bright future. 🙂