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Productivity and Aligned Action

Wed, May 6, 2020 | Read in 6 minutes

A photoshoot would mean having slick photos not just for my website but for social media as well. But you know what else it means? It means taking the time to do hair and makeup and outfit changes that “fit the aesthetic.”

It means having to shush and let my daughter watch YouTube videos to entertain her while mom is busy.

It means asking another individual to kindly help me take pictures.

It means carving out from the time that I’m supposedly allocating for writing foundational content.

You get I mean. You’ve probably been there, too.

A photoshoot right now just didn’t feel like aligned action at the moment.

So I stopped myself in the midst of my fine daydream (or evening-dream) and just let go of the idea for now. I thought, What good is having pretty pictures when I haven’t even set up a foundation for the work that I’m trying to bring to life first?

Yes, foundations are crucial like that.

For you, what seems in alignment might mean a photoshoot or scheduling time to create content that attracts your ideal audience or making space for a project you’ve been putting off for months.

Getting busy isn’t always being productive. So here are a couple of things to take into consideration

1 | Define what productivity means for you

Productivity means a lot of things for everyone and involves a lot of aspects. I mean, are we talking about productivity at home? With your relationships? Career? Online business? Clients?

It’s important, especially as multi-passionates, that we distinguish what productivity means for us. And so this is why we need to go back to our mindset.

It’s important to ask ourselves questions like, “What is enough for me?” and, “Does this action ultimately help me accomplish my bigger goal?

Even the seemingly unrelated things you do can help you take aligned action.

—elaine aquino

On the other hand, being productive might also sometimes mean that you’re not directly working on your goals. As a mother, I know this very well enough. I am productive when I’m don’t have mom guilt. This means that I can’t be productive with my work goals if I let my daughter go well into the evening without having her dinner yet. I can’t. I just can’t work in that scenario. So I get up and do my duties first and foremost before I can take action that is directly aligned with my goals.

Even the seemingly unrelated things you do can help you take aligned action. As you might have already gathered, productivity really is simply knowing what your priority is.

2 | Clarify your Why

I take time to put mindset at the very beginning of each work session or include a mantra before we start working. And the reason is: We can’t take aligned action if we’re not mindful of our purpose.

For some of us, honing our mindset might begin with a calming meditation (I use the Calm app for this) or it might mean taking deep breaths before working and asking thoughtful questions about our intentions before we begin with out tasks.

In any case, going back to your why and checking in with your intentions for working brings much more alignment in your actions.

Other people might do things a bit differently and just get on with their projects as soon as they can and that’s fine too. That works for them because they ALREADY KNOW their WHY. It’s CLEAR to them and that is why they proceed to take action immediately.

What does clarity mean for you? What and/ or who is your why? And what are your belief systems around your goals and dreams?

3 | Create a belief system around your actions

Some of us stop with the why and move on with action. I did this during my 2019 stint too. Creating a vlog, blog, and podcast, I knew what my intentions were. I wanted to show the beautiful aspects of a world filled with sometimes really ugly truths. But I never formulated a belief system around my actions and intentions.

Now what do I mean when I say belief systems and how can it work for you?

Recently, I’ve been binge listening to a Mindset and Manifestation podcast by a girl named Kimberley Wenya. While listening, I felt like she reiterated all the beliefs I had in myself before the “world” got to me and made me second guess all the things I ever believed about living a successful, happy, and energetic life.

For some reason, I got swayed into the belief that practicality was the only way forward and that I had to be super realistic to achieve my goals. But as we all know, multi-passionates aren’t always about doing things the way normal would. Sooner or later, my own personality had to catch up. I couldn’t be super realistic and practical anymore than I could change my natural eye color.

At the very core of my personality is a girl who believes in the good and the positive and the ideal more than anything.

And I had to honor that.

I like to believe that the podcast I listened to was not a coincidence. It was a sign—yes, from the Universe (cliché as it may sound)—that I have the permission to be me. Because if other people could believe in mindset and manifestation (which translated to me as also somehow being able to manifest positively), I think I had a shot at working with my natural strengths too. And I feel like I’m onto something good.

So the question is: Are YOU giving yourself permission to BELIEVE in YOU? Do you have limiting beliefs about why you can’t accomplish your goals?

Referring back to my intro story, I really still do believe that doing a photoshoot fits well under the “Aligned Actions” category but sometimes we have to put things off to make way for the basics. The foundations. The very things that you stand for. The why. Because if we simply skip to actions that feel good in the moment, we lose track of our purpose and we begin to lack clarity. In my case, I set out to write my blog posts for today. I did not set out for a photoshoot (yet) so I have to be able to cultivate the patience and persistence within myself to be true to my word.

You get what I mean. It can sometimes be a struggle for us to find “aligned” actions because everything that we like seems to be in alignment. But if you set a major goal that you wanted to focus on in the first place, there must have been a pretty big reason behind it. That’s why I’m here. To help your remember those BIG [different] goals. Of course, always make time too for the things that light you up, but remember future you? Remember what she does? Yes, well then do what’s best for her too. 🙂