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Setting the Mood with Meditation

Fri, May 8, 2020 | Read in 3 minutes

So I definitely found this time to be the best for reflecting. And it so happens that my two-part series on Reflection for Multi-passionates is being written as I am in the stage of renewal and reflection myself.

But whether you are man or woman, what does it mean to cultivate a reflective attitude as a modern multi-passionate creative? How does it help with us accomplishing those amazingly huge and (often) unrelated goals.

I would like to offer to you: Meditation. Everybody talks about. Some of us try to do it as much as possible. It has definitely become a “thing” these past couple of years, at least for me. And here’s why I think meditation can help us:

A centered you equals a better you

I like to think it was not coincidence that I was able to find time this morning to meditate. Usually, when I meditate, I never complete it not because I don’t want to or I can’t but because my daughter typically wakes up in the middle of my meditation session and she stops me in my tracks. Unfortunately, we don’t have a closet or another closed room in our apartment where I can meditate without distractions.

But today was different. She actually slept and I had my meditation time completely to myself for ten whole minutes! What a joy!

My meditation opportunity (yes, it’s an opportunity for me, lol) this morning and writing this article at the moment is a synchronicity. I just believe it. It’s a sign that clearly told me I have been prepared to share this with you now.

Meditation, as some would say, isn’t for everyone. I’d like to disagree because, just like we’re all capable of thinking, we’re also all capable of thinking about thinking, which is often what we do during meditation.

When you are centered, you are priming yourself to take aligned action.

—elaine aquino

In meditation, depending on the app or practice you’re using, you’re sometimes guided to let your thoughts flow like a stream before you. But you’re not letting yourself get carried away by the current in this stream. You’re simply by the banks, observing it as it goes. That’s how I like to think of meditation.

Centering yourself through meditation is a very grounding experience. When you are centered, you are priming yourself to take aligned action.

Now I’m not saying that I’m always making aligned actions. But I do set intentions with whatever work or activity I have before me. Meditation has truly helped me stay grounded and calm and to realize that everything rises and passes.

Multi-passionate life can be crazy. Heaven knows how much we struggle to try to finish one project already. But you know what, you don’t have to.

Barbara Sher says, in her book Refuse to Choose, that sometimes it’s not the finishing of a project that we seek, but the experience of being in that project. She compares this with the analogy of a bee who goes from one flower to another not because it aims to completely get the nectar from each flower before going to another one but because the reward is the nectar.

Sometimes, in our quest to accomplish BIG [different] goals, we fail to stop and reconnect with ourselves. This world we’re living in is hectic, social media-driven. Technology just going to get even more high tech. But the one, free thing that can keep us centered through this? Ourselves and our capacity to calm and center our thoughts. A calm, centered mind is the best starting off point for any endeavor after all.