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My daughter is baptized

Thu, Aug 30, 2018 | Read in 1 minutes

My beautiful daughter was baptized last Sunday. Truth be told, the ceremony itself was not as reverent as I’d half hoped. The priest did not seem to be in a reverent mood at all. But it was the experience of baptism that was the important part. My daughter is finally a Christian.

I know being a Christian might not mean much to some people. And I’m not claiming to be an overly religious and devout Catholic. But I do believe there is a God.

Here’s a picture I took of her before baptism day:

Thanks for the photoshoot, mom. I cried in 112 of those photos. But, thanks.

Having Audree baptized felt like a significant milestone in her life. This is not to say she’s limited to believing only the things (or entities) I believe in. I would certainly still give her the freedom to choose her own belief systems when she grows up.

Photo of our little family

After all the struggles of planning and coordinating, we finally came up with a reception venue for 50 people. I was glad and thankful for her godparents, our friends, and family who celebrated with us. I just hope, despite any religion, Audree would grow up to be a strong, courageous, and kind woman someday.