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Natural Tendencies

Mon, Aug 6, 2012 | Read in 2 minutes

Everything on this earth has its limit and expiration. That is the exact reason why we shouldn’t ever depend on anything tangible, including people, to keep us happy. Sometimes we are happy with the notion that we seem to have everything we need already. But it is only in losing or in the absence of such things that we realize how much deeper we should understand life.

Take, for example, the occurrence of our present day natural disasters and/ or calamities. No one could’ve known these would happen. No one would have expected that life, shelter or a means of living would be taken. But it happened. It all happened. The least we could do is appreciate what remains.

There seem to be so many reasons to be sad about. Notice how ironic it is for us to have lived only to die one day, to start young only to experience old age in the future, to have learned to love deeply only after we have experienced how it is being empty, lonely, and hurt. It is all part of the cycle and beauty of life, and yet it is also one of the biggest frustrations of being human. A teacher in high school once said that it was easy to be human but difficult BEING human—or, in the Filipino language, madaling maging tao pero mahirap magpakatao.

Hence it is always amazing to find one smile in a crowd full of frowns. In a time when even Mother Nature has to throw back to us just how much pain we’ve caused her, we– Filipinos, especially– can still afford to put on a strong affect enough to extend a hand for help, to share a smile for those who do not have anything more to smile about.

That is our natural tendency to be human. Perhaps the sense of loss is so overwhelming and final that, in the end, we have no other choice but to find hope if not merely for the fact that we are still alive. Such is the curiosity and preciousness of life. We cannot allow ourselves to think so lowly of our own species. The survival of a person through any predicament does not occur simply because of natural human tendencies and instincts but more importantly because of strength and will. We are strong because we all have causes that are worth fighting for.