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Notes for Mid-March

Fri, Mar 15, 2019 | Read in 2 minutes


March is such a hit or miss. I have been doing quite well with learning web dev almost every night. I’ve tried to do this in the mornings but it just doesn’t work for me. I’m confused if I have to keep going with what already works for me (coding at night) or if I should persist with changing my routines so everyone will benefit (coding in the morning before everyone else wakes up). Knowing my priorities, I now have an obvious choice. It’s just so difficult. I have to be honest about this. Waking up earlier gives me head aches even if I take naps. Will try to find a workaround because things just have to change when you’re a parent.


Writing-wise, I’ve been delayed with this post a little but decided to pursue. After all, I only have to write 2 blog posts at least per month. I see no reason to slack off in this department. I’ve also read from that, in order to change our habits, we have to make doing the good habit so easy and the bad habit so hard. It’s easier for me to write 2 posts. So that works.


In the yoga department, things are getting pretty interesting. Tonight was my 2nd night of practice and it feels so good! Fingers crossed for more downward dogs and tree poses. Namaste!

That’s it for now. March has seen me struggle with changing routines. But I guess that’s how life goes. We develop and change little by little everyday.