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Observation. Perception. Time

Fri, Mar 19, 2010 | Read in 1 minutes

Observation is based on perception. Lately, I’ve been observing people in jeepneys. I’ve been doing so consciously since my senior year, high school. Not much have changed in four years. I’m older. I know how to do this and where to find that and why those things happen. But the difference is still… there. Time has its own way of making us see what we haven’t before.

Perception involves the senses. See. Hear. Taste. Smell… Feel. Feeling is vital. When you close your eyes, all your other senses are put to work. When you close your eyes, you “see” what you hear and smell and feel.

Somehow, there’s a haunting feeling that I think too much or I base the world on myself. And sometimes, I doubt my own beliefs. And I start to think irrelevantly. And it feels as if my mind is floating, lost in space, unconscious of time.

Time. Time will not wait for us. It is… for lack of a better term… ruthless. Time will not stop for us when we’re idle. Time equals pressure. Pressure equals stress. Stress equals me.