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Putting in consistent work

Thu, Apr 5, 2018 | Read in 3 minutes

“Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.”

Excerpt From: The Editors, “365 Days of Writing Prompts.” iBooks

Lately, I’ve come across Amy Schmittauer Landino. Amy is a YouTuber who has been around for several years publishing video blogs on her YouTube channel. Besides vlogging like a boss, Amy also runs a blog, a podcast, and her own company. She has been a recent driving force for me because of the sheer amount of consistent work she has poured into her YouTube channel over the years.

Consistent workers motivate me. In addition to Amy, I also look up to other online personalities like Gary Vaynerchuk and Lewis Howes. You could say I’m too mainstream when it comes to entrepreneurial inspiration but homegirl’s got to get motivated! And sometimes, knowing the success stories of people who have already done a lot of work is enough to get me through a particularly lazy day.

Anyway, I have binge watched almost every episode from Amy’s Savvy Sexy Social for some time now. I continue to stay updated through her social media. To some extent, I feel like I’ve reiterated some systems that she set up for herself. The apps on my phone, for example, have gone through an overhaul after watching one of her videos. It’s very useful for me because it pushes me to create a more structured, organized, and not to mention calendar-centric way of completing tasks.

As a Rebel, I’ve often argued with myself about how I should be living life and doing work in general. My personality tends to dislike being tied down to expectations — both inner and outer. In fact, I resist expectations as much as humanly possible. However, I also don’t want to stay passive forever.

So I’ve created my own little systems in place based on what others (like Amy, Gary, and Lewis) have found to have worked for them. Incorporating my own flair into said systems gives space for the Rebel in me to thrive. So far and fortunately, the systems are working fine and I’m able to sort through some of my tasks in a more active way.

Amongst other influencers, I’m grateful for Amy for inspiring me to simply do and to just put in the work consistently. She showed me how anyone can achieve whatever they want as long as they take action and make time to work both in their business and on themselves in order to continue to improve and grow. Or, as she often says at the end of her videos, to continue to “go after the life you want. Cheers!” 🥂

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