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Rediscovering Passions

Mon, Feb 17, 2014 | Read in 2 minutes

Everyday is a good day to start again.

You can decide to create a different life or to rediscover a long-forgotten passion. But everyday, we are given the freedom to choose how we want to pursue this journey.

Writing had been a main source of expression for me when I was younger. Now that I’ve grown up a little, I could say that much of my introvert self hasn’t left me yet. This doesn’t bother me. What is disturbing, though, is the thought that I may have just been too passive all these years. At a time when all the opportunities are spread out before me, when information and resources are available by a single tap of the finger, I should be out there applying everything I learned so far… making and discovering my own paths, committing inevitable mistakes, yet empowering my love for learning and passion for writing.

The question for me just about now is: Is it still there– that passion? And… will it remain with me for as long as I live?

The answer, I guess, still lies with me. I can choose to forget about writing. I can choose to forget the past. I can choose to live only as I want. But for as long as I am alive, I would not want to live my life for my own only. A life lived for others will still be the greatest fulfillment for me.

So now, it’s high time that I set myself some goals. Create interests, pursue dreams. We only have one life. But it should be enough to make us smile because we knew we did everything we could to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

With all the love in the world,

Honey 😉