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Sad Smiley is an Irony

Tue, Aug 25, 2009 | Read in 1 minutes

I’m not even happy enough to post any pic of myself. It’s depressing. I’m not even sure if being happy is the opposite of being sad anymore. I think it isn’t. I’ll just have to figure that out some other time. Right now, it’s too tiring to think of anything else.

If I’m not that smiley at the top, I may be this smiley below:

How many times in your life did you have to pretend you were happy? As for me… more than I thought. Because people don’t like you when you’re sad. They barely listen when you tell them the reason. Do they even ask if you’re sad at all?

On another note, I’ve realized just recently that maturity doesn’t seem to be such a bad thing after all. When you stop being too childish is when you suddenly appreciate acceptance of the very real things in life. It’s when you learn to think outside of yourself.