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Something I do on a Tuesday

Tue, Jun 2, 2020 | Read in 3 minutes

…is blogging. Hey friend! 👋🏽

It’s your girl, Ellie, again writing to you on this very humid, going-to-rain weather in my place (the Philippines!).

I just feel like my blog isn’t as casual as it used to be back in the day. So here I am just sharing thoughts yet again. 😉

So far, I have been pondering and reflecting on what has transpired both in recent events (with trending news about racism in the U.S. and protests) and for the first half of this year 2020 (with the pandemic and all).

All I have to say is that things have turned out so unexpectedly! (Which I know is a terrible understatement.)

The serious-ness of this year’s major news affects Universal energy (as I also share with my newsletter coming out tomorrow: subscribe here). And it feels heavy. It feels almost unreal, especially with the prospect of only seeing things from the digital perspective. However, it is my nature to find something good, something light out of the heaviness of it all.

And so I just wanted to remind ourselves of how we’ve gone through so much and, for as long as we are alive, what doesn’t kill us indeed makes us stronger.

It is my hope that you still find the blessings out of each terrible thing that has happened in the past. These awful turn of events have led us to become collectively resilient. Collectively human.

Collectively. I love that word. Collecting used to mean such a different way for me as a child. It used to sound fun and entertaining.

But as I grew older, I learned how the word collective when it is paired with the rest of humanity seems to have emerged as a much stronger and more beautiful word than ever.

I am proud of us. I am proud of me. I am proud of you.

You are doing your best and, in the case when you feel like your best doesn’t come close to good enough, know that you can still do better.

It feels almost unreal, especially with the prospect of only seeing things from the digital perspective.

elaine aquino

Even though the first few months of this year found me silent on all my content platforms (the blog, vlog, podcast), around the last two months, I got to re-brand my website, re-focus my content, and re-align myself to the things I believe in my core. And this is a sign of hope for me.

As a multi-passionate, I still want to dive into different projects. But as a mom and as someone a little bit strapped for time, I’ve found how focus and structure are important in guiding me through content creation. I’m not perfect at this. But everyday I wake up and feel grumpy and I try all over again to shift my mindset to that of abundance.

Because we ARE abundant. I AM abundant. You ARE abundant.

There is so much more to each of our lives than we can imagine. And there is so much more space for us to fill.

And so I urge you to keep doing what you’re doing. To keep creating. To keep moving. To rest when you’re tired. To move when you’re inspired. To speak out when you feel compelled to. If people are going to judge anyway, would you rather do nothing instead?

Keep shining and much love!