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How to recharge from creating content

Tue, Jun 30, 2020 | Read in 5 minutes

Creating content can take LOTS of mental energy.

If the law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, then how can we explain feeling much more energetic after we “recharged” ourselves?

Not to get all too scientific here but the way I understand it is: if, by law, we can transfer/ convert energy from others (people, things, or activities) back to us, then this explains why we have to spend energy (on exercise, being in nature, sleeping, connecting with people) to have energy back.

And so it is critical that we give ourselves enough time to recharge, recover, and reconnect both with ourselves and our loved ones.

These were the things I learned from Week 26 of this year 2020 that may help with how you can spend energy to get back energy as well (but with the caveat of spending that energy with those who matter to you)…

Put in effort during special occasions. Celebrate!

Your special occasions are just what they are: special! I know it might seem like creating content and working on your website/ business/ projects are so special too, not to mention very important for you at the moment. The thing is: no matter how urgent other projects may seem, nothing is as important as the connections you already have. These connections may even BE the reason you started some of your ventures in the first place! So it makes sense to put in a little more effort when special occasions arise for your loved ones.

This week, we celebrated my partner’s birthday and, because I have more energy than last year when our child was only one year old and I was more stressed, I set out to give him a party that he can remember fondly about. He matters so much to me and he IS one of the reasons why I am who I am now. It was very important for me that he felt special on his day. He did enjoy it, thankfully and thank God. And I was very happy, at the least, to find others happy too. 🙂

Batch create content before special occasions

In relation to the special occasion I mentioned previously, I had to batch create my content so I wouldn’t have to worry about them when I have to be present during such special events. I created my content for the week the week before that so I had more time to coordinate and be more creative with celebrations.

In batching your content, you make sure to allocate your energy for when you need to be more social with others. Batching content also makes sure you have made space to nurture your own projects and helps avoid resenting others for taking away your “me time.” Remember, you’re in charge here and you have a choice. 😉

Take time to recharge by doing self-care

At the end of my partner’s birthday bash, I felt a little drained and my period was also coming up, so I set out to take a few minutes of meditation and yoga here and there. I also had to catch up with my journals because I’ve been missing a couple of daily journal entries. And that’s okay. You don’t need to beat yourself up about not taking care of yourself more. Paradoxically, being kind to yourself is also a way of taking care of you.

Take time to play and cuddle with your loved ones

I find playing and cuddling to be so helpful and energy boosting. When you get yourself into a mentally drained state, remember the people around you are waiting for you to play with them (especially if they are kids and kids-at-heart too). So don’t think of it as being unproductive when you play. Not so surprisingly, it can help your productivity more so when you play as much as you create. It’s not just about balance. It’s about honoring your inner child too.

Believe your desires are manifesting

There is a reason why you desire something so much and there’s no need to feel guilty about it. When you desire it and you visualize it happening, in another dimension, it IS already happening! And you get to attract those desires to your reality right now. You are in the process of attracting whatever your heart wants that is good to you. Especially when you feel the feelings of them happening now, you only become much more driven to act on them and make sure you are in the vibration of attracting rather than repelling. You repel your desires when you confuse yourself with doing things that don’t really matter for you. The process does not have to be so hard all the time. You can eliminate the things that are not worth your time. Know and believe that it can be easy and it gets to be easy for you.

Connect with people

Connecting with people is energy-consuming for introverts. I get this a lot. But it is energy worth spending! I have to say. Connecting with people, even just communicating to them how you feel will do so much for your own relationships. It will strengthen your bonds and lead you to feel much more supported in your own dreams and aspirations

So much of what we do as content creators and multipassionates are being done by us. It means that we don’t take much time to connect with others in order to also save our energy for our projects and ourselves. After all, the way introverts recharge is spending time alone.

But also, having other people behind you and in front of you are crucial if you truly want to make a difference. We were not made to be alone all the time as much as we weren’t made to be with others all the time either. It’s a matter of energy and, remember, energy cannot be created. It can only be transmuted. There is so much abundance of energy in this world for us to attract and convert. We may not be able to create energy, but we are so capable of being in a vibration that is accepting of that energy. And in doing so, we create opportunities for ourselves to continue to go after our desired dreams and aspirations.