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Starting projects as a multipassionate creator

Thu, Apr 30, 2020 | Read in 6 minutes

But I stopped.

I went back to my notes app (Simplenote) and went back to writing.

I like to think that that story was a prime example of how our attention spans (multi-passionate or otherwise) have now changed. It’s so easy to switch to a new tab and start singing karaoke right then and there. But it doesn’t mean that’s what you needed to do at that moment.

Now I’m not a fan of making and adhering to very rigid schedules all the time. In fact, my very nature goes against all expectations of me.

But when I set my mind to work on a specific time, I have to do it. I have to commit to that because it is my calling and my belief that I love the work that I’m doing. And what that meant for me was that I am now going to focus.

How can you make the same kind of mindset in your daily work? When things feel a lot less exciting and the novelty wears off and you find yourself in the “boring middle” of work, how do you get by? How do you pursue and persist?

It is my belief that mindset plays a big part into the overall aspect of the work we do. Mindset is not just setting and forgetting. It is continuous and it is ideally affirmative for you and for all the goodness and support and love that you are able to and knowingly will bring into this world through your creativity, talents, and work.

So here below I share with you how we can create a healthy, abundant mindset throughout the work we do as creative multi-passionates and content creators.

Positive affirmations as your daily check-ins (set an alarm)

Making things happen for you begins with you believing that those things will happen. This is where positivity helps you. Positivity is not meant to give you a false sense of belief in yourself. It is simply there to help you consider the “good” side to an otherwise “bad” event.

Setting affirmations for yourself is so important because it sets the intention of what you are doing and what you believe will result from it.

Right now as you are reading this, you are affirming that you want to learn more about setting a positive mindset as a multi-passionate and creative. You are moving a step closer to realizing your potentials.

One tip to remind yourself of the positive things about you is to:

Set an alarm to remind you of your strengths.

Don’t know your specific strengths yet and care to take a quiz for a few minutes? Great! I got mine from High5.

The minute you work WITH and NOT ON your strengths is when you will find true freedom. When you’re working according to your strengths, you’re harnessing your own talents, which is why you don’t have to work ON it, you just need to work WITH it. That is also why you achieve much more flow. Leaning into your strengths makes the work that much easier.

Manifestation and abundance is in your DNA

Kimberly Wenya once said, “Everybody manifests.” Wise girl. In fact, she says you are manifesting right now. Manifestation is like gravity, we all can’t see it but we know it’s there.

Now this is getting a little more into the “woo-woo” stuff because… manifestation and abundance? You might think these are all just words but I believe you can manifest whatever you hold true for you. So why not manifest abundance to be true in every aspect of your life too?

Success is abundance in action.

—elaine aquino

It is my belief that success is abundance in action. When every action you take is peppered in with the belief that there is enough of what you seek and even more for everyone, you instantly place yourself in a state of power.

Power is not bad. Power is simply energy that each and every one of us have. You have it, for sure. The question is: Are you using it by turning it on and letting it fuel your actions or are you turning it off in the hopes that people will like you better because turning off your light seems to make theirs shine brighter? (Hint: It doesn’t.)

You are so much more capable and powerful than you think. There is so much abundance in your life that you have yet to discover in yourself, in your relationships, and in the things and elements of nature that surround you.

Feeling into your definition of success

What does success feel like for you? What do you see and how does it smell? Can you taste it and can you hear it like music in your ears?

Each and every person has a very unique way of “feeling” success in their lives. You don’t have to feel it when it’s there. You can feel it now. You can visualize and internalize it now. And that brings you into a much more positive state for working.

Everyday doesn’t have to be full of bliss, we all understand that. But you can create the energy of working your way into success every time you sit on your couch and prop open your laptop to start working, or check into your favorite café, sipping a drink and working on the things that bring light and joy to your life.

Creating a mindset and positive energy around your work isn’t as easy as it seems some days. Sometimes, we go through days and moments when our energy, mood, and overall vibe just doesn’t seem to catch up with all our goals and dreams in life. And it takes so much more work just to do the work, if you know what I mean. But I know in those moments we have two choices, we can either honor our health and keep it in check by resting or honor our dreams and keep moving. None of these choices are wrong, but you do need to ask your heart, body, and intuition what it needs the most in that moment and, most importantly, be honest with your answer. Mindset is just a part of the process towards multi-passionate success, whatever success looks like for you. We must take action so we can manifest and yet action without a good mindset brings no alignment. Aligned action will always be much better than frantic over-productivity that doesn’t align with your values and goals.