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The idea of an escape

Tue, Apr 3, 2018 | Read in 3 minutes

“Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).”

Excerpt From: The Editors, “365 Days of Writing Prompts.” iBooks.

Ever since I can remember, whenever I had a problem, I would always either escape from or to another world. World, in this case, would mean two things: outside or within our house. Introverts tend to think that way.

Anyway, escaping is fun! I suspect most everyone would agree.

When escaping from my world, I would be outside of our house, looking for places where my weary mind and soul could take refuge — like a computer shop when I was in high school, for instance, or a particularly low-key bar when I was in college.

In contrast, escaping to my world would mean being comfortable inside the black hole that is my thoughts. I would most likely write… or draw, if I’m feeling a little ambitious. I’ve sort of grown a fondness for overthinking — most probably out of habit.

That being said, there are two ultimate escape plans: one that involves a physical place and one that involves a… creative… venue.

The ultimate physical place to escape to would be the beach, the ocean, somewhere seaside or close to nature. I would tell my family and friends that I’ll be gone for a while — maybe a week or two. I would send a few them the location of where I’m at once I get there. I would probably be setting up camp or bootstrapping into a cheap cottage. Bring my partner with me. Maybe even a few close friends. Some booze. Write a little. Take polaroid pictures. Get to know some locals. Explore the area.

On the other hand, the ultimate creative escape would, of course, be writing! I would start to write and write until I get hungry. So I eat. And then I write again. And then maybe take a bath. And continue this routine until I finish a book, a novel, screenplay. Anything that comes to mind. Preferably in a place where few, if not no one, could distract me.

Final thoughts on this prompt, though: I have done both forms of escape a few times in my life and I soon discovered that I didn’t really need it.

I could always decide to go somewhere if I really wanted to to relax. And I could always start writing wherever I am with the right tools at hand. I just realized I didn’t always need to call it an “escape.”

Sometimes, we want something so bad because we feel like we don’t have enough of it. But the truth is, we just might have forgotten to acknowledge what we have now as much as we should.

Sometimes, we underestimate the presence of joy in fleeting moments.

And these moments that make us grateful to still be alive make the idea of escape seem like a ridiculous afterthought after all.

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