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The Inevitable Update

Sun, Jul 17, 2011 | Read in 2 minutes

Let’s start with the word “I” to represent my selfish nature:

I am the world’s saddest kid. I make up excuses for my bad habits and for being depressed but, really, it’s just a matter of not giving in to your misery. It’s simply a choice, as I keep reminding myself. Awhile ago, I cried because I couldn’t figure out my life. But really, there’s nothing to figure out. Really. All I need is to keep moving and keep pushing positive thoughts into my little head. I guess, whereas I have a big heart, I do have a little head.

NOW. I’ve started joining a competition. It’s not just about brain work or writing or Diner Dash. It’s something… SOCIAL. Yep, I finally decided after twenty-one years of life to join a beauty contest… because… oh my gush, WHY freaking NOT?

I have no idea what’s happening in Elaine Aquino’s life right now but I have a faint hint of a feeling that it’s something new, somehow heart-warming, sometimes depressing and at other times invigoratingly overwhelming. I’ve gone from zero to hero to zero and then back to hero, depending on what I’m eating.

Seriously, yesterday, during a workshop, I felt unable to mentally function because the air-conditioning was directed at me and I am most sensitive to cold, thank you, so much so that I felt my brain freeze and couldn’t tell what was what. Right now, I’m in the same situation. I. Am. Freezing. Someday, I’m going to post about internet cafes and ruthless air-conditioning systems.

SO I have to end this post for now partly because my brain is 95% frozen and partly because I have to go home study and prepare for tomorrow.


elaineaqs x_x