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The Job of a Writer

Tue, Dec 29, 2009 | Read in 1 minutes

…is to write with an art that you should never completely understand. Because if you see everything so clearly, there wouldn’t be any space left for exploring. And exploring is always a beautiful thing. 🙂

A writer can be so many persons in one. A poet. A novelist. A singer. Or a singer’s fan.

A writer doesn’t only write of truth and beauty. She IS truth and beauty. There is something delicate about the way the Writer sees things, as if words seem to give meaning to an act, a phenomenon or a face. But really, the words are not quite enough. It is the soul of the thought, the idea of the composition that makes it a journey for the reader.

The Writer will always be plagued by hindrances- be they intellectual or physical. But the spirit of Writing continues, albeit weak. Once again, it will rise. And once again, it will conquer.

And the reader will know that the Writer was really always there. Always. Real.