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The Lady of the Day

Mon, May 13, 2013 | Read in 2 minutes

Since I have never been a mother myself, I could never honestly understand completely how a mother feels. I imagine the feeling to be both difficult and special. I want it to be an open secret that I dream of becoming a mother myself someday. I think it would be challenging.

I think it would not be easy. Maybe it would bring about some serious wrinkles on my face or an even more serious pain in the ass. But I want it. I want to become an instrument of God’s love to my child. That’s what mothers are; they are instruments of God’s love, care, and affection.

It was Mother’s Day here in the Philippines last May 12, 2013. I was fortunate enough to have celebrated it with my aunts. Although my mother cannot be around (she’s in Abu Dhabi), she has sisters whom I have always considered mother figures. They’re quite a caring bunch of ladies. They’ve helped my siblings and me through our day-to-day lives way back when I was still at school. It’s quite tough being mostly on our own at home but I think my aunts have managed to make us feel like we belong to something besides ourselves and each other. I’m so grateful for them and they are such a blessing.

These were the pictures we took last Sunday…

In the Philippines, there’s no real occasion if there’s no “lechon baboy.” The ever-present cake. 😀

That’s my Jhaggy in black and white. ^_^

And this is my “feel good” moment. 😉

And here is a video I made for all the beautiful mothers who have been part of or who made a mark in my life…

Overall, it was a fun and heartwarming experience. Despite the fact that we don’t spend the same amount of time we used to spend together back then, my cousins and I (who are the same age) still feel like kids together and, of course, some of us are literally kids, which makes it even more jolly.

We’ve grown up. We call ourselves “young adults” or “adults.” But in the presence of our mothers, we will still forever remain a kid.

On Mother’s Day, a mother is not only “The Lady of the Day.” She is also “The Lady of Everyday.” She is the person we turn to, the person we sometimes walk away from. Yet, she is the only person we can ever call… mother. 🙂

I love you, Ma.