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The Most Uneventful Fiesta Ever

Fri, Aug 28, 2009 | Read in 2 minutes

If there were awards for the Most Uneventful Events in this country, topping that list would be the City Fiesta of Cagayan de Oro. Don’t get this the wrong way, the city event coordinators (or however they’re called these days) have a LOT of activities planned up for this year. But it’s just not enough to get the people looking happy while you see their faces as you cross across these crowded streets.

Maybe it’s just me and my oh-so-sad life. But I would’ve expected that wandering through the city on a fiesta day would help cheer me up since it IS fiesta- with all the food, merriment, drinking sessions and all.

There are even celebrities popping in and out of this place. Oh, and politicians galore. Complete with illustrated welcome signs that say “Welcome Senator So-and-so.”

The most eventful thing that happened to me was when a celebrity visited the Northern Mindanao Medical Center while we were on duty and he passed by me and we were told his name was Jolo Revilla. And I’m not even sure if that was an event at all. But hell, he was a celebrity. And celebrities mean events these days.

I will not bore you further. If ending this post is all it takes, then I shall stop. Happy Fiesta, Cagayan de Oro!