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The Truth About Labels

Fri, May 6, 2016 | Read in 3 minutes

It may seem quite vain but, every time I re-read one of my writings, I get inspired to write/ work again. Allow me to come a little self-centered/ boastful here, but did you ever get that feeling when you feel so awesome that the world can’t possibly stop you from being that way? When you’re just the best person you know there is and you hope everyone gets to hear what you say (all good things, all good things) so that they feel as good as you too?

Well, I don’t really know what to make of it.

Am I really just so self-absorbed and, really, selfish (I personally abhor this word) if I just feel good about myself?

I think too many women think of the same thoughts everyday. I think many of us do think we’re awesome and that we deserve the best, but feel like we’re not supposed to think that way because people would label us vain or “bitchy” or haughty or, god forbid, selfish. Can I just suggest that most of us are not correct in thinking so?

Because the world was made for both men and women, and men do not have the exclusive right to feel good about themselves without being labeled anything.

We don’t need to worry what people label us afterwards. Who the fuck cares?

We’ve lived our lives the best we can. We’ve tried to meet all ends meet just so others, not only us, can live happily. We deserve to feel good about who we are and what we’re good at.

I’m not trying to be the ultra-feminist blogger here. But I do think we don’t give ourselves and other women much credit for what they’ve built and what they’re doing with their lives. The fact that we might think others—women or men—come off as haughty and proud when they exclaim that they’re exceptional at anything seems to invite the thought that we’re not supposed to be ourselves, whoever we think ourselves to be.

That’s why the biggest font on my website says, Different is good, because it really is.

Being different means we’re willing to stand up for ourselves and own it! Don’t sell yourself short just because you think others might disagree. For all you know, they’re also trying to keep up with their own battles and just projecting their insecurities towards you.

Sadly, there’s a lot that’s wrong with our society. I can’t even begin to enumerate; it will take more than a book to finish. But we do have the capability to stop thinking in the same negative way of labeling people and identifying them according to their work or status. We could actually encourage a better society and it does begin with our own way of thinking.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves holding on to so many excuses for judging others. But really, everything we say is never about anyone else. Everything that comes out from us (verbal or otherwise) is a reflection of who we are. Quoting from your neighbor’s favorite cliche-inspired breakup line, it’s not you, it’s me. Or in this case, it’s not them, it’s us.

What good is it if we simply try to conform with how everyone else is thinking?

Dare to be different, friend. Dare to be curious about your own thoughts and where they’re coming from. We don’t need to put labels on people. Labels are only good for jars (as Paul Jarvis said) and pharmaceutical preparations.

People are way more special and way more complex. We do have the potential to be more than our labels. We are a field of pure potentiality. We just have to use curiosity as our superpower and take it from there.

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

– Albert Einstein