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To Write What Is Important…?

Wed, Dec 6, 2006 | Read in 2 minutes

On and on, I have been pondering about what people were doing all around the world while I pondered about them. I’ve been thinking about bloggers and the stuff of which our blogs are made of. The content. The title. The little smileys. It all means something or another to us… right? It’s all worth the time… right? If we die, we’re still gonna be proud of it… right?

What am I talking about?

I’m curious about what’s really important in… yeah, life. Why do we blog? Why am I freakin bloggin right now?

I want to talk about things that also matter to other people. I mean, I know I’m selfish, but there’s no point in keeping everything to and about myself (and besides, my conscience still bothers me ^_^). I just wanna write what’s important but I don’t know what it is. There’s only so much a sixteen-year-old can do or think about. Six days from now, I’m gonna be seventeen. I wonder what I can do to make the last days of my sixteen-year-old life turn into something I can remember as the last and the coolest six days of being sixteen…


I’m talking about myself again.

I think there’s nothing wrong in that. There’s nothing wrong in blogging or in writing about oneself. Sometimes, written words can be one’s sole outlet for expression and even art. There’s the importance in it.

We don’t have to write about other people or things to make our words feel relevant to the world. We can write simply about ourselves, our life and our journey, and still feel the sense of it ‘cause we published a part of us and shared it to the world.