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Trendy versus evergreen content

Sun, Jan 19, 2020 | Read in 3 minutes

Whether on social media or on blogs, there’s always that decision that content creators have to make on whether to create evergreen or trendy content.

First up, evergreen content means content that is relevant for a very long period of time. Hence, the term, evergreen.

On the other hand, trendy content is based on what’s popular at the time of content creation.

As someone who manages a lot of my own content now, I’m sometimes faced with these particular choices.

I find that, as you start, you’re better off setting the tone of your work by providing content that’s evergreen. And when you’ve created enough of your foundational, evergreen content, you’re then more suited to talk about topics that are trending.

Granted, I have only been in the content management space for 5 months or so now. There is definitely and frankly not that much content to base my hypothesis on (that evergreen is better at the start than trending).

But from my own observations in the blogging (and even social media) space, different styles have definitely worked for different people depending on the industry that their content is focused on.

Most of the time, entertainment and lifestyle-based blogs, vlogs, and podcasts concentrate heavily on current topics while the rest usually focus on evergreen content first.

On this note, context really matters (Gary Vaynerchuk was right, as always).

Content is nothing without context. I’m sure you know this already. But just to be that annoying friend who keeps reminding you, you have to know the context that surrounds your content. If you’re creating a blog post, what’s the overall goal of your blog and how can you keep your content focused on that overarching goal? If you’re creating for Instagram, what’s the best photo you could share that could sum up what your content is all about? And what kind of tweets would you like to read about when it comes to the industry that your content is under?

If your content is focused on entertaining your audience, I think trendy content works best.

Think of it as your typical Facebook feed, full of random, entertaining things that are shared by your network of Facebook friends. Usually, the trendier the content, the more entertaining and thus more engaging it is.

On the other hand for almost everything besides entertainment, if your, say, blog talks about a certain topic or niche such as content management for unmotivated and inconsistent content creators (ahem), evergreen content might just work best.

Examples of evergreen content would include practical tips for managing content according to your personality type or even a basic description of what content management is.

A bonus tip for making content, whether trendy or evergreen, is to ask yourself the question, what makes your content YOU?

It’s easy to copy words you see and call it a day but people usually won’t remember you if you only keep repeating what’s already out there. I think the number one way to create your own differentiator is to create content from your core. And by your core, I don’t mean your abs, of course. Although I know you have pretty good ones. I mean, your truth. What is true for others might not be true for you and there might be people who can relate and resonate with your truth.