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Trust your intuition when you don’t know the next step

Wed, Jul 17, 2019 | Read in 2 minutes

It is the middle of July and I love how things are becoming much clearer, thank God. Ever since my last blog post, I became so confused with regards to my next steps.


After 6 months of trying to get full stack web developer certifications via, I felt like going after those certs were not in alignment with the current season. I will still be learning full stack web dev throughout this year, but not as active as I did these past six months. I realized it was much better to do the actual coding work instead of learning to code and typing snippets of code here and there. I also got pulled into a very specific field: systems administration, particularly for Linux web servers. I’ve noticed this pattern in my activities for years now. I’ve always been super interested in virtual private servers—setting them up and managing. Now that I’ve come to get comfortable with a couple of sysadmin things, I noticed how calm I felt. I don’t know if this is how being “aligned” with your passions feels like but I have a feeling that it’s pretty close.


I know I mentioned that I was going to focus on writing this season. I was wrong. I have to keep learning over and over again never to announce things I plan to do and only announce something I’ve already done. 🤦🏻‍♀️


Just did yoga tonight and it really cleared up a lot of head space for me. It was wonderful. Breathing with awareness is so much fun! 😌


Never announce anything before it’s actually done. 😅 Also, it’s nice to really listen to your intuition especially when you’re feeling confused. Keep looking for the things that really light you up and pursue them somehow. Don’t make excuses for yourself if you really want to make something happen. Go for it.