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Vlogging Everyday for 2 Weeks

Sun, Jul 19, 2020 | Read in 1 minutes

In the next 2 weeks, I will be publishing on my vlog and podcast every weekday, that is Mondays through Fridays.

I wanted to do this so that I could catch up with my current blog posts and start anew with content this August! 🙂

Today, I also wanted to invite you to subscribe to Weekly Ideas newsletter!

Subscribing to Weekly Ideas mail will give you access to previous videos I have made in a “Secret Library” on this site.

So far, I have had 10 videos in my Weekly Ideas newsletter about abundance mindset, content creation, multi-passionate mom life, and so on.

If you’re interested, you can subscribe now.

You will also find an archive of all the newsletters I’ve sent out in the past and a link to my ebook, which is at a pay-what-you-want price. 😉

So that’s it for this announcement. I hope to see you in the Weekly Ideas newsletter and watch out for upcoming daily podcast and vlog episodes.

See you around and take care!