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Wash Day Wednesday

Wed, Sep 14, 2011 | Read in 3 minutes

Doing the laundry is not quite the best way to spend your Wednesdays, particularly if you live in the Philippines where manual washing of clothes is the norm. On a Wednesday, you’d typically be in your workroom doing the stuff that your job requires and I’d be lying down on my bed sleeping, dreaming the stuff of which my life is going to be made of.

I seriously loathe manual laundry days. It’s the heaviest form of labor ever to befall mankind. Do note the lack of exaggeration in my writing.

Yet I have no choice, for in my country, you are of no use if you can’t even wash your own clothes—unless of course if you are physically unable to do so.

As it is, if it were another day, I would be looking like so:

– smiling and unknowing of the world’s sufferings. But knowing my fate and the amount of clothes I have yet to wash, clean and dry, my mood switched to a more dramatic portrayal of sadness and despair:

Okay, that’s just me acting silly…

Nevertheless, I have often realized that I never accomplished anything by sitting around thinking about how hard my work was going to be. First step is always to DIVE IN once you know it’s for a good cause. Just jump. Just do it. Just work.

There are so many things in this world that require work and so few that come out naturally. From the first day you ever came out into this world, your parents started working to help you become a better person than they were. When you grow older, you study to prepare yourself for a job. As you get that job, you keep on working to make both ends meet. You get into a relationship with someone and still you work to “make it work.” Work. Work. Work.

Work sounds tiring just thinking about it. In fact, the mere repetition of the word “work” in my mind exhausts me. So you can imagine how much of a workaholic I am.

But guess what, exhaustion is mankind’s natural reaction. It means you got tired because you worked your ass off of something. Exhaustion may mean wasted energy or emotions. But that’s just because you were trying– you were working for something to happen.

You see the results of your efforts and you appreciate it. You see how much you wasted your time doing nothing and you end up being more determined to achieve your goals. That’s how we should see life, I guess. Never stop at a negative thought. Overcome it with inspiration. Positivity wasn’t invented for winners.

And so, alas! The outcome of my efforts in life:

And thank God for the wonderful weather today. 😉