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Web Hosting Frustrations Series: GoDaddy

Sat, Oct 24, 2015 | Read in 2 minutes

What’s good, GoDaddy? Why you having downtime on me when I just started buying web hosting for my websites, you know?

I mean, the speed is all good and cool at the start. But one day, I tried visiting and re-visiting my site and installing and re-installing WordPress, and suddenly I can’t connect to my website AT ALL. I’m not even posting this out of spite or to promote other web hosts (by demoting some? Tsk). I’m writing this out of frustration.

Yes, it pissed me… A LOT.

I thought, how many times have I tried free web hosting and yet I NEVER ONCE noticed that my site was down? Am I just unlucky in cards AND in paid web hosting at the same fucking time_?_

Alas, life is unfair.

To GoDaddy’s credit, however, it might just be one of those days where they do maintenance stuff and I might not have noticed my site down during my free hosting but… still. My experience is my experience. Now I have to find a way to be happy about my hosting for a year because it seems GoDaddy doesn’t have money-back guarantees for web hosting services (a word of caution: do try to check your host’s refund policies and terms of service before subscribing to one).

But hey, maybe in the future there won’t be any downtimes anymore? I hope so. I don’t wanna implode and explode simultaneously over web hosting frustrations.

Rant over. Signin’ out.

(Featured photo by Luis Llerena)