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When You Run Out Of Coffee

Sat, Jul 25, 2015 | Read in 2 minutes

First of all, I would like to apologize to myself for betraying myself.

Not only did I initially oppose impulsive actions, I actually wrote an entire blog post about it.

Life is so ironic.

Second, what happened to the coffee? Yes, I was the previous– albeit, brief– owner of and yes I still drink coffee. I ran out of it in the middle of my personal epiphany.

I didn’t want to be remembered as a “coffeeholic”. Again, I still drink coffee and am still infatuated by its immediate benefits on my energy, but alas, not anymore in the same passionate way I used to drink those suckers in the past. That actually matters when picking out a blog name.

Third and finally (I like to keep it short), I have been dreaming of, clamouring for, and fantasizing about changing my life as far as I could remember that I just couldn’t help making one more impulsive move just to satiate my lifelong thirst. I wanna be on the road!

It doesn’t have to be literal. I mean, at 25, I still don’t know how to drive four-wheeled vehicles yet or what (read: loser). To my credit, however, I have been planning on getting a driver’s license soon so I could smugly say I’m a real grown-up lady, independent and ready to take on the world and kick the balls out of those occasional, inevitable, perverted taxi drivers.

So. I changed my username and blog name and blog url. Basically, I’m a new person now. Changing of life for the road step one: check!

(Featured photo by Christian Rossnagel)