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Where Would You Like To Work? Apple, Microsoft or Google?

Mon, Dec 11, 2006 | Read in 1 minutes

I have been thinking about how ‘fun’ it might be if someone secretly worked at the three companies I mentioned above at the same time. Then, I was also wondering how busy it would have been to work in a place where competition is most usually the number one inspiration. 😉

Really, as I said in the previous posts, I like to be techy. And being techy means working for a techy company (or so I think, but of course, you can always start your own group to compete against them. hehe). If I was asked that, and if I had the chance, I’d have only chosen between Microsoft and Google. Apple would be my last resort because, in the first place, their company isn’t so popular here in the Philippines (except for the iPods, oh wait, they are popular! Zune isn’t so known here yet). But when it comes to personal computers and computer software, Microsoft has the majority of us hooked. I once asked a Filipino friend about his thoughts on the Mac, and he was like… ‘What is a Mac?’ Cool. But I wish I can try the new Mac OSX.