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Why I Need To Stop Changing Usernames Impulsively

Wed, Jul 8, 2015 | Read in 3 minutes

Because the Internets cannot keep up with my awesomeness… That’s why.

Seriously though. I’m changing – or at least thinking about changing – my social media usernames almost every month. It gets quite ridiculous because it shows a few things about me: 

  1. I have identity crisis issues (shocking).
  2. I am a human being who is not so easily satisfied (who is?).
  3. I am an impulsive human being who is not so easily satisified.

Stick To One

Having a username (be it on social media or on online forums, wherever) can be a lot like setting up your own home on the Internet. While yes, it is your identity and you can change it whenever you want to (perhaps you need to do so in your line of work, Agent 47), there’s a lot more than being identified from all the other web lurkers and surfers out there.

Maybe it’s more about you identifying with your self and not just you identifying from everyone else. Maybe it’s really about being comfortable with what you chose out of all the other possible choices of weird usernames in this world.

When you become comfortable with whatever you have and you can go on prancing across cyberspace with that awesome username of yours with the security of knowing there’s only one person out there on instagram called @ilovecheerios12345678, doesn’t that feel a little like home?

But then again, what about if I want to be called @gdfr87654321 now? Well yes you can be called that too.

The thing is, before hitting that Edit Profile and Save link, have you tried yet to stick to your current username for at least a year? If you have, didn’t it feel homey? Like you knew it was yours and it just suddenly made you sentimental when you had to change it even though you were going to change it anyway? If you haven’t, aren’t you curious how you’re gonna feel after a year of sticking to that one lovely username?

I have a feeling I’m not just talking about usernames here because it seems like things are getting a bit too philosophical for a casual username change conversation.

The point is to do a little pondering before decision making. The idea is to try to be aware that you’re getting into that implusive zone so you can determine the reasons for your change. The fact is people only live once, but rash choices make for rash outcomes. Okay, too philosophical.

Procure The Habit of Moderation

Since control is a strong word and can lead to a lot of stress when it runs out, moderation is the better option. Get into the habit of allowing yourself a few things that won’t hurt you, but also know when to step back when your limits are in question.

In the username world, we can always change into whoever we want and whatever we want to be called. But, in reality, there’s only one you and there’s only one me. We can have a million identities but there will come a point when one is enough because, really, one identity is all we need.

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